Supporters of K2L

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Individual Supporters

Councillors; Sidney Syson, Bill Gifford, Alan Boad and Sarah Boad

Front row left to right

"I am delighted that after so many years of campaigning support for K2L is now growing rapidly and the County Council seem to be giving it really serious consideration.  It does appear that K2L’s time has come. It should though be seen as just part of a major campaign to get safe and effective cycle routes between all our towns.”

Bill Gifford

Councillor Susan Rasmussen

"My dream is that Leamington becomes as cycle-friendly as Copenhagen. There you can hear birds sing and smell blossom in the centre of a capital city. Priority is given to cyclists, even at roundabouts. If we used our bikes as much as the Danes we could be as fit and as happy as they are. Cycling here is no longer a niche interest; 'build it and they will fill it’ is as true for cycleways as it is for roads. K2l has been on the County’s transport plans for years. We need it now more than ever so let’s get on and build it before we are completely choked by traffic."

Susan Rasmussen

Councillor Dr Jonathan Nicholls

"I have had more near-misses cycling round Leamington than I had in the thousand miles between Land’s End and John O’Groats. I want to see priority given to the building of a safe and comprehensive cycle infrastructure in the district, so that everyone, from small children to the elderly, can enjoy the benefits that cycling inevitably brings."

Dr Jonathan Nicholls